Veteran Video Producer and Master Marketer Reveals How to Look Great on Camera and Make Your Videos Look Polished, Credible and Engaging.
Big Scott explains Why You Should Enroll in Smartphone Video 101
Enroll in Smartphone Video 101
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What’s Blocking You from Getting the Videos You Need to Grow Your Business?

Do you avoid making your own videos because you’re not up to speed on the ABCs of smartphone technology?

Maybe you’re already doing video, but can’t figure out why it always looks or sounds a bit wonky?

Not sure how to upload it in HD format?

Now, you can learn how to shoot professional-looking videos in the NEW Smartphone Video 101 course.

Whether you’re a techno-geek or someone who is totally intimidated by technology, this six-module, hands on, immersive course will teach you the fundamentals of smartphone video production—and arm you with the ability to make good videos you can be proud to share with friends, colleagues and clients.

Best of all, you’ll have direct access to a veteran video producer and master marketer. Big Scott will be easily accessible and right by your side every step of the way.

Here’s What You’ll Learn …

1. How to set up your smartphone with the proper settings to obtain the best quality video.

2. How to attach your smartphone to a tripod for rock-steady shots like the pros.

3. How to install the YouTube app and upload your videos to YouTube.

4. How to get quality light and audio, both indoors and out.

5. The “Rule of Thirds” which ensures you get the right video composition to look your best.

6. Critical presentation and wardrobe tips to ensure you’re “red carpet ready.”

7. The down-n-dirty basics of smartphone editing.

Course Schedule …

It's a 6 module course designed to increase your confidence about using video in your business.

Module 1 - Shoot Your First Video

Module 2 - Light and Sound

Module 3 - Shoot Your Why Video

Module 4 - Shoot Your What You do Video

Module 5 - Shoot Your How You do it Video

Module 6 - Wrap Up and Next Steps

Enroll in Smartphone Video 101
Here’s How We Roll …

• You receive expert instruction each week, along with a video homework assignment.

• You submit your assignments to Big Scott for expert review.

• There are live office hours webinars each week for instruction and homework.

• Videos are reviewed, pointing out what elements you’ve nailed and educating you how to improve elements that miss the mark.

• You’ll learn from reviews of your videos and your classmates, too! (Nothing to fret about … Big Scott is honest, supportive and encouraging.)

• You’ll have an opportunity to have your questions answered.

• Big Scott is accessible one-on-one, outside of the live webinars, if you have questions or need extra support.

Meet Big Scott...

Scott Southall founded and operated one of Southern California’s premier video production studios for more than a decade—equipped with big spotlights, Hollywood green screen, professional audio and cinematic motion. He’s created over 900 videos for clients ranging from globally recognized brands to start-up entrepreneurs.

Big Scott is revered as an expert videographer and master marketer. When people want to create a video studio in their home or office, have tough technical questions, or crave the secret sauce to an effective marketing campaign, they turn to Big Scott.

He’s always believed that experience alone isn’t everything. That’s why, in his early years, Big Scott sought out the best of the best in video, cinematography, photography and marketing—investing tens of thousands of dollars so they would mentor him the crafts they had mastered. He practiced and persevered, continuing to soak up knowledge to this day.

Transfer of Knowledge …

Big Scott is ready to share his knowledge with you—teaching you how to make high-quality videos with your smartphone.

That’s because smartphone technology has finally reached a tipping point. True, it’s not as impressive as professional-grade video equipment, but it’s good enough to get you videos you can proudly share with colleagues and clients.

Imagine what holding the reins in your hands will mean. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of professional video companies who charge thousands, even tens of thousands per video. You’ll no longer have to sit on the sidelines and watch others get ahead.

The Advantage of Speed …

Every day that you put off making your own professional-looking video costs you money—and confidence!

When ready for its official launch, the course will be introduced at $997. Yep … that’s less than most professional video producers charge for a single video!

Frankly, it needs the feedback of course participants, like you, before its all dressed up and ready for its grand debut.

So, if you are OK with the pilot launch of Smartphone Video not being "perfect"
… if you’re willing to provide your honest feedback and suggestions
… even willing to share about your experience with future students

Then, for a limited time you can get this course for less than half of the planned price.

When you sign up now, you’ll receive this course for only $497

After this pilot, the course price is going up. That’s a 50% savings for you when you act now.

If you’re ready to put the power of smartphone video in your hands—making and uploading videos to YouTube that will make you look good, appear credible and earn trust—then don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to enroll in this course for only $497.

Enroll in Smartphone Video 101
Fast Action Bonuses

Bonus #1: 3 Professional Edited Videos - $225

Bonus #2: Script Review from Professional Copywriter - $175

Bonus #3: 3 Months of 1 to 1 Coaching with Big Scot - $1,500

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