Dominate Your Market with the New and Improved
Authority Video Solution.

This Educational Marketing Tool Positions You as the Trusted Authority and Sells Your Product or Service "Under the Radar."
Watch Big Scott Explain the Authority Video Solution
People like to BUY… but they don’t like to be SOLD!
The Authority Video Solution is a stealth marketing tool that helps your business “sell under the radar” with amazing simplicity. It does so by educating your potential clients in a really cool way that subtly and ethically influences them to choose you over the competition.
Education is believed to be the most effective way to market your business. In fact, a study published in the Harvard Business Review found that for every $1 spent on advertising $2 in revenue is generated. But, for every $1 spent on training and education, $40 in revenue is generated.
There are probably a ton of other guys in your specialty competing for the same clients. If you compete on price, you and your competitors will keep undercutting one another until the profit margins are zilch.
But, if you position yourself based on WHO YOU ARE and not what you do, you'll find clients gravitating towards you. The Authority Video Solution allows you to do just that.
This powerful communication product includes 20 short videos, each between 30 to 90 seconds, that answer your business' 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the 10 questions your clients should be asking (SAQs). Each video is precision-engineered to position you as the expert in your field.
And guess what? When your new clients are ready to buy, who do you think they're going to turn to? That's right... YOU! It's because they'll view you as the expert and trust you over all the other options out there.
Positions you as the expert
Educates your clients
Earn your viewers' trust
Saves you the time it takes to answer the same questions over and over
Makes your competition irrelevant in the mind of your prospect
Strategic Mastermind Session
Script support, review and persuasion engineering
Pre-production planning and coordination
Up to 2 three-hour video-recording sessions at Aha’s fully-equipped air conditioned, studio
Teleprompter technology to help you easily deliver your message on camera
Green screen technology, HD camera, professional audio and Hollywood lighting
Professional video editing
Final video files delivered electronically and, if needed, coordination with your web master
Feature videos on your website
Put them on YouTube and other video hosting sites to steer traffic to your website
Showcase the videos on social media
Display them on monitors in your lobby or at the point of sales
Embed the videos in your digital newsletters
Deliver on a USB drive or DVD for direct mail
Authority Video Solution Samples
Custom - Starts at $6,000
Custom - Starts at $6,000
Custom - Starts at $6,000
BaseLine-Plus - Around $4,500
BaseLine-Plus - Around $4,500
BaseLine-Plus - Around $4,500
BaseLine - $2,997
BaseLine - $2,997
BaseLine - $2,997