Aha is a strategic marketing and media firm that leverages the power of Visual Persuasion™ to help your business create powerful messages that connect with your target market. But, we go way beyond strategy, delivering the compelling marketing collateral you need to start driving new business through your doors.

Aha has a full-service, in-house production studio to bring your messages to life using copy writing, graphic design, photography, green screen, and video.

Centrally located in the Irvine Spectrum area, Aha provides ease of accessibility to Orange County professionals.

Aha Image Studios, Inc.
15375 Barranca Parkway
Suite G-104
Irvine, CA 92618

Scott Southall
Chief Visual Persuader

In his early professional years, Scott was a software engineer—one of the first to enable photo display on computer monitors. After growing and then selling his software firm, he pursued his passion for visual marketing. In 2005, he formed Aha Image Studios to support entrepreneurs and small businesses with strategic marketing and digital media production. Scott adds value to client initiatives by figuring out solutions to unique marketing challenges then using the power of visual media and technology to connect with your target market.

Scott leveraged his engineering know-how to develop Aha’s unique Visual Persuasion™ process, which includes a Message Development Mastermind, High-Impact Production, and Tracking Results. In alignment with this process, all marketing content is created under the conviction that only the marketplace can decide what works and what doesn’t. Scott guides a diverse team of creative professionals in working closely with each client to carefully identify and analyze specific goals. Then, the team goes to work spinning its magic to create visually compelling digital and print media that evokes emotion and inspires action. The marketing collateral is then methodically tracked and measured. Scott then works with his team to analyze results, and fine-tune your marketing until you hit the magic formula that connects with your audience and gets results.

Scott earned a BA in Finance from CSU Fullerton and continues to be an avid lifetime learner. He has spent hundreds of hours mentoring under leading Hollywood lighting, cinematography and still photography masters to subliminally, yet ethically, influence. He also has spent years focused on an intense study of persuasion, influence, sales and marketing enabling him to understand how and why people make buying decisions and how to use that knowledge to engineer powerful marketing strategies.

Shelly Southall
V.P. & Director of Magnetic Messaging

Blending a unique combination of marketing experience within the Fortune 500 and small business domains, Shelly is able to see marketing through two very distinct lenses. This gives her the ideal balance to recognize the needs of both clients and their target markets. Shelly has experience in many facets of marketing, but the skill for which she is best known is her copy writing. She has the ability to make indelible connections between businesses and people through the written word.

Shelly contributes to the overall marketing strategy and writes the copy for video and television commercial scripts, email campaigns, direct mail, press releases, website copy, brochures, ads and other marketing collateral. It is her responsibility to pinpoint the ideal fusion that balances your brand image and awareness with attracting new and repeat customers.

Shelly’s formal education includes a BFA in Film and Television Production from Chapman University and an MBA from University of Phoenix.

Tawnie Hansen
Creative Editing Supervisor

Tawnie is Aha’s video editor extraordinaire. With a flair for creativity, Tawnie elegantly orchestrates video footage, graphics, special effects and music into a compelling story—one that is persuasion-engineered to inspire viewers to take a particular action. She works with each client to gain a deep understanding of their vision. She also gets insight into each client’s unique preferences for visual and music styles and seamlessly incorporates them into the end product.

In addition to her natural artistic abilities, Tawnie leverages nearly two decades of musical theater experience to support each project. She understands that good video must possess a rhythm in order to have maximum impact on the viewer. Her experience ensures that each video captivates viewers and generates the desired emotions and behaviors.

Tawnie also supports Aha’s studio operations and location shoots, providing make-up and wardrobe support.

Tawnie has a BS in Home and Family Living with an emphasis in clothing construction and family sciences from Brigham Young University.